Community Update #1 

The Week of 5/30/2022

Short History of Frostwire Gaming Network      

I would like to thank everyone for staying with us since April 22nd of 2019, thats when Frostwire Gaming Network was founded and the first server was opened. Survival is the first server opened on the network, starting with a small spawn, and a group of a few dedicated players. After rebuilding the spawn to make it even better, that map was around for about 1 year, after that we were on the new map, and eventually around the 1 year mark again, we had chunk corruption that was eating players homes and had to reset the map. After that we had this old map(the one before this one) going and to make sure slimefun was removed we had to reset the map. We did keep slimefun foods, but the rest of slimefun was just too broken to keep, and to make sure all of it was gone, it required a map reset. Now we are on this current map and everything is going great, i know what plugins work and what dont, how to upgrade the terrain on major version changes, and thanks to some new security patches we are now running fine for months on end with no issues, i see no problem with this staying stable for years now. Along with help from other players, we are building more things at the survival spawn, and they will soon be uploaded. Along with that i have been working on the prison server, and we are working on getting a factions server open. Thank you for being with us, however long you have been with the network, and please spread the word about us! We are allways looking for new players, and if you play minecraft we would love to reward you for bringing them in. Thanks for reading and have a good day or night!