vip cosmetics:

- join full servers

- /hat

- /suicide

- single colored nickname

- can use colored chat

mvp cosmetics:

- pweather

- seen

- toggleshiftedit(edit placed signs)

- /me to make a personal announcement

- /ride - ride anything

- all perks previous ranks have

elite cosmetics:

- multicolored nickname

- single colored /glow

- ability to use /head to get anyones head

- special chat char such as magic and underlines

- create colored signs

- change your player time

- all perks previous ranks have

legendary cosmetics:

- use /near to find nearby players

- ability to hide from players using /near

- can use (/headdb) to get decorative heads every 10m

- use color codes in anvils

- /sit (sit where you are)

- /itemname (change an items name)

- all perks previous ranks have

champion cosmetics:

- /nameplate to change prefix/suffix

- /itemlore (change item lore)

- hex colored nickname (/cmi colorpicker)

- use hex colors on messages/signs/books

- painting scroll (shift click and scroll)

- choose your glow color

- /scopy - copy signs

- all perks previous ranks have